Our full line of services help you achieve better crop performance and yields.

Oregon Farm Center services include:

  • Soil sampling
  • Fertilizer recommendations
  • Regular field checks
  • Insect scouting
  • Weed scouting
  • Disease scouting
  • Chemical recommendations
  • Seed variety recommendations
  • Certified applicators who are happy to spray your agriculture fields and pastures

We also carry a wide variety of home lawn and garden products you can apply yourself!



We carry both granular and liquid fertilizers as well as custom blends to meet your specific requirements. Oregon Farm Center also offers commercial fertilizer application services for your convenience.


To keep your crops healthy and protected, we carry herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. Ask us about our consultation services to find the best product for your needs. Commercial application also available.


Ensure proper pH and NPK levels in your soil. Oregon Farm Center offers both soil sampling and consultation services so we can recommend the best products for you. Once the report is complete, we review the results with you!


Our partners at Rock River Labs test your hay and forage for nutritional value. Oregon Farm Center can walk you through the analysis and recommend steps to make your crops more palatable for animals.


Oregon Farm Center is here to help identify any factors that may be limiting crop quality and offer solutions to ensure you have healthy, productive plants. We have everything you need to get better crop performance and better yields.

Our consultation services are customized to your individual needs, so please give us a call at (608) 835-3114 to speak with one of our experts.